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All Employees by gender

Male: 10,423

Female: 2,376

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Senior Managers

Male: 9

Female: 1

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Male: 8

Female: 3

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The chart above includes Alex Mahon, who retired from the Board on 13 December 2017

We Recruit Talent

Our business is built on innovation, on finding solutions, and on delivering world class service. Our people are critical to us achieving our strategy. We are committed to hiring and developing the highest quality talent throughout Ocado.

We operate in sectors and locations where there is strong competition for workers. We keep our recruitment processes under constant review and evolve them to make it easy to apply to work for Ocado while maintaining our high standards. This has allowed us to remain flexible and agile and respond to the changing labour market by using new attraction methods.

Our third Customer Fulfilment Centre in Andover has been steadily growing its workforce as the demands of the business increase. To support this, we have prioritised building links with our local community there.

Our fourth and largest CFC, opening in Erith in 2018, will result in significant growth which in turn will provide even more opportunities for existing and new employees.

In September 2017 we brought in a record 49 university graduates under our nine separate training schemes, covering General Management, Retail, Human Resources, Finance, Engineering, Engineering Operations, Operations Management, Logistics Development and Technology, cementing our place as a significant employer and creator of new graduate jobs.

We have also revised the way we train our new drivers, we call them Customer Service Team Members, creating a more efficient training programme, resulting in better skilled employees.


Ensuring that the Ocado workforce has the diversity of talent and expertise that it needs ensures that the business continues to both grow and innovate.

Our equal opportunities policy is dedicated to creating an environment for our employees that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation, reflecting our commitment to creating a diverse workforce and environment that supports all individuals irrespective of their gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion. We are pleased to have been accredited as a Disability Confident Leader at our CFC in Dordon.

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 came into force in April 2017. Ocado has carried out gender pay reporting and has published the results of the analysis on our website.

The charts on the right show a breakdown of the number of people who were on the Board, Senior Managers and employees of the Group at the end of the period by number and gender.

Doing the Right Thing

The Ocado Citizenship Code sets out our most important legal obligations and helps colleagues follow key policies, including our anti-bribery, corruption, money laundering, competition law and whistleblowing policies. The Citizenship Code and these policies underpin the Group's key principles and standards governing business conduct towards our key stakeholder groups. It explains our responsibilities as a Company and as individuals and acts as a reference guide that is made available to all employees from day one.

Engaging With Our People

Communication is key to innovation at Ocado. Enabling colleagues to work across the business and share best practice allows us to leverage the value of our employees and encourage innovation. This year, Ocado invested in enhancing the way we communicate and engage with all of our people through the implementation of our digital communications strategy. Fuse is our mobile-first communication, collaboration and learning platform, which puts self-development and the ability to share information in the hands of our employees. Our social platform, available as a downloadable app on any device as well as on desktop, is going from strength to strength with adoption rates steadily increasing even across our harder to reach employees. Open communities within the platform allow colleagues to communicate with a wider network of people and so access information and resources that were previously unavailable to them.

Our commitment to listen and encourage formal two-way feedback is also demonstrated by our new look employee survey – "MiVoice". Employees, previously invited to participate annually, are now able to respond in a bite-sized 'pulse' style approach. Fewer questions asked more frequently, with results turned round in days instead of months, is enabling our business to respond, adapt and change to meet employee needs at a pace that matches our agile culture.

The Ocado Council helps us to identify areas where we can improve as an employer and encourage participation and consultation in the decisions we make. This was illustrated in a two year £1 million project to upgrade our public facing CSTM and LGV driver uniforms, an initiative that was driven by the Ocado Council through engagement with employees across the organisation.

This year, because of our continued growth, we reviewed the Council structure in our largest business area, Service Delivery. The single tiered structure has been replaced with regional Councils to enable more focused discussions and resolutions to area specific issues.

In addition, Ocado maintains a voluntary union recognition agreement with USDAW, which is integrated with our Ocado Council, to voice the views of our hourly paid employees.

Reward and benefits

In September we reviewed our reward and benefit providers to ensure we continue to provide choice and flexibility for our employees. This included changes to the pension offering at Ocado, which means employees can choose and amend their level of investment at any time and Ocado will match contributions up to 7% of base salary.

Ocado has always taken employee well-being seriously. We have an established Employee Assistance Provider available 24 hours a day and we've recently invested significantly in additional services that demonstrate we care about the physical, mental and financial health and well-being of our employees. Well-being events are run across all of our sites and on-site catering services at our larger sites serve healthy balanced meals.

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Strategic Report Approval

The Company's Strategic Report can be found here.

The Strategic Report is approved by the Board and signed on its behalf by

Neill Abrams

Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

Ocado Group plc

Registered in England and Wales

Number 07098618

6 February 2018

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