Tim Steiner
"The last twelve months have been transformational for Ocado. We have primed our Ocado Solutions business for growth and received an important validation of the business model through our latest partnerships with Groupe Casino and Sobeys. Looking ahead, we are confident that we will be able to do further deals with the momentum of new signings building over time.
At the same time, our unrelenting focus on our customers in the UK has delivered 12.4% growth in retail revenueA and further significant market share gains as well as a 4.6% increase in Retail EBITDAA. We have ramped up capacity in our revolutionary CFC at Andover, which opened at the end of 2016, and prepared the way for the opening of our fourth CFC, in Erith, this year.
Now is the time to take advantage of our growth opportunities. We will invest to ramp up our new solution in both Erith and Andover and to have the right resources in place to meet growing demand for the Ocado Solutions offer. We believe that taking advantage of these opportunities now will make our virtuous cycle turn faster in the years ahead and we expect that to translate into higher returns on capital. We look forward to our future opportunities and challenges.”

Tim Steiner

Chief Executive Officer

Powered by fresh thinking, we strive for new and improved ways to deliver the world's most advanced end-to-end online shopping and delivery solutions.

Our strategy is centred on our three key strategic objectives of driving growth, maximising efficiency and utilising proprietary knowledge. In order to achieve these objectives we structure our business to operate through five core actions. This enables us to deliver market-leading innovations within the grocery industry and shape the market of the future.

Strategic Objectives

Driving growth

Driving Growth iconDriving Growth

Continually enhancing the value of our proposition for our retail and corporate customers.

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Maximising efficiency

Maximising efficiency iconMaximising efficiency

Harnessing our years of learning, we continually strive to innovate and develop our technology and operations to improve our economic and operating performance.

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Our strategy

Utilising Proprietary knowledge iconUtilising Proprietary knowledge

Utilising our IP to create sustainable competitive advantages in our Retail and Solutions businesses.

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  • For our retail customers, this is centred on continuous focus on the three core pillars of our proposition to customers – service, range and price
  • For our corporate customers, it is embedding the improvements and innovations from our retail proposition into our platform capabilities with other requirements specific for bricks and mortar retailers to enable flexibility in our offering for our partners

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Actions strengthen brands iconStrengthen our brands

  • Develop and expand brand offerings to appropriate retail and corporate customer groups
  • Reinforce brand equity and values to existing customers

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Develop more capital and operationally efficient infrastructure solutions iconDevelop more capital and operationally efficient infrastructure solutions

  • Operating efficiency: Optimise every aspect of the fulfilment and delivery life cycle to improve our economics and our customer proposition
  • Capital efficiency: Continuously lower the cost of investment required for online grocery activities to support growth in our own Retail business and those of our Solutions partners

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Enhance end-to-end technology systems iconEnhance end-to-end technology systems

  • Be the best in the world by constantly evolving and innovating
  • Use the developments of Ocado's technology and engineering teams to innovate and improve our end-to-end solutions

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Actions enable partners iconEnable current and future partners' online business

  • Continuously develop and enhance our e-commerce solutions to enable a compelling customer proposition and competitive economics to add significant value for partners

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